20 Alluring Tiny Finger Tattoo Design Ideas For Woman

Recently, a lot of people are talking about finger tattoos. It may be just a tip of the iceberg where your whole body is tattooed, but you must not ignore it, because it can correspond to your pattern from head to foot, tattoo. Is finishing touch, tattoo bad is superfluous. Tattoos on fingers are really cool, even more personalized and cute than tattoos in other places

The tiny tattoos on the side of fingers, the back of fingers and even the belly of fingers can add some elegant demeanour to your hands and feet. If you want to play cool to the extreme, the tattoos of fingers are indeed a good choice;

People like to show their finger tattoos of all kinds of love and faith on the website of sex. Love and hate and life Creed are all spoken out by fingers.

It is not suitable for woman with sweat

If you are a Sao Nian who is easy to sweat when you are nervous, it is really not recommended that you wear tattoos on your fingers, because the tattoos on your hands are usually rubbed and rubbed, with the addition of the sun and rain and the pace of washing hands frequently, ink can be contacted with the surrounding skin, and it will fade and wear soon.

The simpler the better

In addition to the above reason, you have to know that the tattoos are also annoying. The small space of fingers is really limited and hard to play, of course, you can ask him to make a scene of Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival through your five fingers with beautiful and bright ink, but I believe you will regret soon. The lines with simple design are not that painful at least when washed away.

Pain to jump

If you feel that the pain of tattooing on your neck is the limit, then stop tattooing on your fingers, and it will only be more painful. If you really want to make a Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival, I can only wish you happiness.

You must choose a tattoos with good tattooist

The important premise of tattooing on fingers is to find a reliable tattooist. TA must be able to master how tattooing ink can effectively color on fingers, because the skin on fingers is very different from other parts of the body, not every tattoo artist has such experience.