40 Pretty Gel Coffin Nails Design For Spring Long Nails

Gel coffin nails and gel manicure has been popular around the world for nearly 20 years. With winter is gone and spring is here with warm tempreture, there is no way to highlight the fashion taste and concave shape through overlapping, and gel coffin nails becomes an indispensable fashion item. The gel coffin nails has bright colors and various patterns, which can be easily matched with a variety of clothes and occasions, and stand out from a crowd of solid color nail polish instantly, becoming a must in spring fashion stage!

Gel coffin nails can now be regarded as the regular operation of nail beauty shop. At first, nail beauty was mainly divided into crystal armor and gel armor, but now Crystal armor is rarely seen. After applying the gel manicure, the gel armor can only be dried by the irradiation of ultraviolet lamp. Later, in order to be convenient to operate, the gel nails was made as easy to apply like nail polish.

Ombre Gel Coffin nails design

Ombre coffin nails, which shows more specific aesthetic feeling with progressive color levels, clean and generous, match gel coffin nails together,
liiks very beautiful, gives people a mysterious feeling.

Gel coffin nails with rhenistones

After the basic nail trimming, put a layer of nail polish on the nail brush to dry. Then brush your fingernails with taro-colored fingernails, and brush your thumb with nude color to dry. In order to make the color more full, brush a layer to dry. Stick your favorite diamond or rhinestones on the proper position of the nail surface of other fingers. Then a beautigul gel coffin nails with rhenistone is showing in front of us!

Pink gel coffin nails design

Pink is always the best choice of pretty girl and wanna keep a lifetime . The advantage of gel manicure is that it can last for several weeks at a time, so most people only need to do it once a month. that’s good.

How to protect your nails when do gel coffin nails design?

Friends who have done manicure all know that gel manicure can be baked and consolidated with LED lights. This kind of lamp can emit UVA ray. We all know that UVB ray can cause skin sunburn, but few people know that UVA ray can cause aging, skin damage and skin cancer.

The doctor suggested covering the skin to resist ultraviolet rays or applying sunscreen when the manicure light was shining, but he even recommended the former, because the sunscreen might be wiped off during the cleaning or manicure by the technician. In addition, it is not recommended to remove the nails by yourself, because the curing of the gel on fingers is more solid than that on the nails. He once treated the patient who accidentally pulled out the whole nail. The recommended method is to use acetone or to remove the nail from a professional manicure agency.