59 Chic Short Hairstyle Design Ideas And Hair Protect Methods For Woman 2020

Short hairstyle is very suitable for girls with personality to try. When talking about short hair, many people’s first impression is handsome masculine, geting short hair cut right can also become sexy goddess. Short hairstyle is sexy, kawaii, handsome and very feminine. The short hair that you can’t miss in spring and summer, you can catch your eyes and earn enough return rate, cute and sexy coexist, you deserve it.

Here we collected the newest short hairstyle and haircut , such as the hot super short haircut, short pixie haircut, short bob haistyle, short hair with layers and bange…..

Pretty short bob hairstyle design to update your spring outing!

Short bob hairstyle has been sweeping all the time in the fashion storehouses of various fashion stars. Short hair and Bob haircut have also become a high-end match of fashion, and short Bob can also make various shapes.

Hang the hair on both sides respectively behind the ear, the small eight-character air side bangs have distinct layers, the two sides of bangs are slender curly scattered in the ear, more natural and casual state!

With light curry hair, she looks more hair in the sunshine, and the fluffy air and bangs match with the shape of Bobo head, which is casual and more natural ~

The inner part of the hair in the middle should be fluffy with a hair comb and then fixed backward. The hair ends on both sides should be rolled out with winding rods with asymmetric Radian. Pay attention that the roots of the hair in the middle and both sides should have a certain fluffy degree, it can modify the head shape and the effect of lengthening the face shape.

Short pixie haircut , super short hair can be cooler

Girls get their short hair, which can show a kind of free and easy, handsome and neutral beauty. The clean short pixie hair style shows a charming outline. Matching with the British style of clothing and makeup, more neutral charm is prominent. Super short hair is a little more challenging than long hair, and very few people can hold short hair

Short hairstyle can be cool in any hair color!

Short hair is one of the most popular releases this year. A good-looking short hair style combined with a suitable hair color can highlight the overall style of the hair style. So how to choose the hair color for short hair?

A white hair color suitable for girls who follow the trend line can make you have outstanding temperament if dyed, and you can stand out easily among many short-haired soldiers.

The golden brown with a strong sense of fashion is really suitable for short hair. This kind of hair color not only catches the eyes but also covers the skin color. It is cool to match with short hair, and the key point is to make you look fashionable.

Don’t you want too exaggerated hair color? That’s OK. This chocolate hair color is also suitable for short hair style. Both short straight hair and short curly hair are very good. The effect is more fashionable and the temperament is improved.

How to protect or nurse your cool short hair and hairstyle ?

1. Must be wet washing: dry cleaning will lead to color loss, so dry cleaning should be avoided as much as possible after hair dyeing. It is best to use shampoo with the lowest alkali and soft nature in daily life. Shampoo and hair conditioner should be chosen to stabilize the pigment particles and make them not easy to lose. It should be different from long hair, and the amount of shampoo and hair conditioner should be controlled to the least.

2. Apply hair care cream before blowing: the heat of hair dryer will also accelerate the decoloration of hair after dyeing, so try to blow less to let hair dry naturally. If you must blow the hair, you ‘d better apply some wash-free hair care cream to the hair before blowing, so as to maintain the stability of the pigment in the hair and keep the beautiful color of the hair.

3. Hair sunscreen: use hair care products with sunscreen effect. Before going out, coat the hair with a wash-free hair mask which can resist ultraviolet rays. Use moisturizing spray for hair when exposed to the sun for a long time.